Book Reviews

‘Through the iron bars’

review of The Real Story of Ah-Q and Other Tales of China: The Complete Fiction of Lu Xun by Lu Xun (translated by Julia Lovell), Australian Literary Review, 3 November 2010

‘At the Limit of Literature’

review of The Cambridge History of Australian Literature ed. Peter Pierce, Modernism/modernity, vol. 17 no. 4, November 2010

‘There’s this world too: Nicolas Rothwell, Another Country

Australian Book Review, March 2007

‘Oh, great river: Yo Yo, Ghost Tide

Australian Book Review, September 2005

‘Talking English: Tony Roberts, Frontier Justice

Australian Book Review, April 2005

‘Ouyang Yu, New and Selected Poems

Life Writing, vol. 2 no. 1, 2005

‘Necklace of Pearl: Henry Reynolds, North of Capricorn

Australian Book Review, November 2003

‘Chords of the Great Dead’

review of John Shaw Neilson: A Life in Letters by Helen Hewson, Australian Book Review, April 2001

‘Dun and Gum’

review of Eucalyptus by Murray Bail, London Review of Books, 16 July 1998

‘White Lie Number Ten’

review of Race Matters, edited by Gillian Cowlishaw and Barry Morris, and Aboriginal Sovereignty by Henry Reynolds, London Review of Books, 19 February 1998

‘Going Home Singing: The Analects of Simon Leys’

HEAT 9, 1998

Review of Plains of Promise by Alexis Wright

Sydney Morning Herald, 1997

‘Carey’s Labyrinth’

review of Jack Maggs by Peter Carey, Australian Book Review, August 1997

‘Mixed Doubles: Chinese Writing Australia’

Australian Book Review, August 1996

‘The best at using chopsticks’

review of Australia’s China by Lachlan Strahan, Times Literary Supplement, 25 October 1996

‘Malouf’s Operatic New Novel’

review of The Conversations at Curlow Creek by David Malouf, Australian Book Review, September 1996

‘Neue Welten’

(German translation by Oliver Gassner), Chelsea Hotel, vol 7, 1995

‘Moorhouse of All Nations’

review of Grand Days by Frank Moorhouse, Meanjin, vol. 53 no 1, 1994

‘A Wise and Gracious Garnering’

review of New and Selected Poems by Geoffrey Dutton, Voices, vol 3 no 4, 1993–94

‘Reworking “The Wolf Man”’

review of Double-Wolf by Brian Castro, Voices, vol. 1 no. 4, 1991–92

‘Tales Without Comfort’

review of The Suburbs of Hell by Randolph Stow, The Age Monthly Review, vol. 4 no. 11, April 1985

‘Generous Music’

review of The Children’s Bach by Helen Garner, The Age Monthly Review, vol. 4 no. 9, February 1985

‘Misplaced Magyar’

review of White Stag of Exile by Thomas Shapcott, The Age Monthly Review, vol. 4 no. 2, June 1984

‘Writer in Flight’

review of Fly Away Peter by David Malouf, vol 2 no 8, December 1982, pp. 13-15