On Art

‘Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries: The Slickest Little Korean Scumbag Downunder’

Edge of Elsewhere, Campbelltown Arts Centre, 2012

‘On the Way’

Stewart MacFarlane: paintings, Wei-Ling Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, 2012

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The China Project, Queensland Art Gallery, 2009

‘Penumbra: Contemporary Art from Taiwan’

Art Monthly, May 2008

‘Back to the Avantgarde’

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‘Citizens of the World’

Writing the Painting, University of South Australia, March 2006

‘The Sinking Ship’

Interesting Times, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, September 2005

‘Going, going, Guan’

on Guan Wei, Weekend Australian, September 18–19 2004


Shen Jiawei: Zaijian Revolution, gallery4a, 2002

‘Many Faces of Buddha’

The Bulletin, 20 November 2001

‘Coloratura Ghosts: Greg Leong’s Singing Histories’

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Art and Australia, August 2001

‘At Home: Liu Xiaodong and Yu Hong’

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‘Guo Jian: Mama’s Tripping’

Mama’s Tripping Guo Jian, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, 2000

‘Liu Xiao Dong: Realism with a Twist’

Liu Xiao Dong and His Time, LIMN Gallery, San Francisco, 2000; and Works of Liu Xiao Dong, 1990–2000, Beijing

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‘The Rose Crossing’

The Rose Crossing: Contemporary Art in Australia, Sherman Galleries, Sydney, 1999

‘Art to the power of three’

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‘Pulping Herbert Read in a Washing-machine: Contemporary Chinese Art’

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‘Breaking through’

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